Late night reservations

Our salon is open until 2 am.

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Reducing or wanting to reduce sleeping pills
  • Not going to school and having trouble sleeping day and night
  • Cannot sleep well until morning
  • Feeling very lonely

These are the reasons why I often have a hard time late at night.

At aiHare, we keep the salon dark even in the daytime so that you can focus on yourself and your body and mind without worrying about your surroundings in the dark.

It may be difficult to change the environment around you, but your inner environment can be improved by facing and knowing yourself.

【Advance reservation required】


aiHare aiHare has a salon in a residential apartment.

Please note that late night appointments require minimal conversation.

I will do my best to avoid disturbing other residents and those who need aromatherapy during this time, and would appreciate your cooperation.


During this time, the maximum fee for nearby parking is a cheap 330 yen.

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