aiHare Ashiya’s Aroma Therapist is an IFPA International Aroma Therapist in the United Kingdom.

The difference from the Japanese aroma qualification is whether or not you learned as “medical care”. (Note: Aromatherapy is not a medical practice in Japan due to the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law)


Aroma treatment has a healing effect by touching the skin, and a relaxation effect by massaging with a constant rhythm.

It is used as an “alternative medicine” in some parts of Europe, but it is not a “cure” to treat existing illnesses.

It is used for mental care and relief / prevention of discomfort.

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Essential oils contain very small phytochemicals that penetrate the skin and reach the capillaries.

By applying essential oil diluted with vegetable oil (diluted to 1 to 2%) to the whole body, the plant components act on the mind, body and skin.

We have more than 40 kinds of essential oils to choose from, and we will provide you with what you need at the moment. Let us help you recover from mental and physical fatigue, maintain your health, and adjust your balance.

aiHare’s aromatherapy treatments are designed for a slow, healing touch.

Recommended for people who…

  • I am struggling to sleep every day.
  • High level of anxiety
  • worry
  • Perfectionism
  • tired feeling

【60 minutes】

12,800 yen (tax included)

15,800 yen (tax included)

19,800 yen (tax included)

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