Herbal Hot Bath

Far-infrared effect of herbs

Of the elements that make up the human body, carbon makes up about 18%. This is the second most abundant substance in the body (the most abundant is oxygen at 65%).

In order to resonate with the human body, it must be organic, just like the human body.。

Herbs are bio-organic substances just like humans, and burning them emits far-infrared radiation.

By slowly bathing the entire body in steam containing herbal extracts, the far-infrared effect warms the body from the depths, making it easier to take in the effects and benefits of various herbs.

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In our salon, we use the industry’s first steam bed that allows you to bathe in herbs while lying on the bed to warm up your body.

●When used before treatment
It has the effect of enhancing the penetration of the oil to be applied afterwards. This is recommended when you want to enhance the effect of your aromatic treatment.

●When used after treatment
It makes it easier for the body to expel the wastes from the treatment. We recommend using it after the treatment if you want to enhance the detoxifying effect or if you have difficulty sweating.

There is no need to shower as the sweat is silky smooth after use. You will be given a steamed towel to wipe off your sweat before it gets cold.

The steam from the herbs will penetrate into your hair and scalp, leaving it conditioned and smelling very good.

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Herbal Hot Bath

5,000 yen (tax included)

When using in combination with other menus

3,000 yen (tax included)

In the herbal hot bath, we blend and hydrate herbal teas according to the customer.

In the second half of the treatment, cold towels are applied to the eye area (or décolleté if eye makeup is worn) to warm and cool the area and stimulate metabolism.

Excellent detox effect !!!

Persons with abnormal blood pressure or heart disease are not allowed to use this service.

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