All the water we provide is “reverse osmosis RO membrane water”.

Reverse osmosis RO membrane water is highly pure water with impurities removed from the water.

In recent years, microplastics, pesticides, and medicines have become a problem in water, and aiHare has been very particular about the water we use to ensure that our customers are not affected.

水道水 不純物測定

Tap water was measured with a device that measures impurities.

The value was 71mg/ℓ.

RO膜水 浄水後 測定

Water purified by reverse osmosis RO membrane was measured.

This is the same water from the tap, but the value here was only 3mg/ℓ.

In use in salons 🙂


The towels used in our salon are not rented, nor are they laundered by contractors.

We do not use synthetic detergents or fragrances, and our products are washed on the same day, so they are safe to use for those who are allergic to fragrances or have sensitive skin.

【Advance reservation required】

Nambu ironware

Drinks served for drinking are boiled using Nanbu ironware.

Nambu ironware is a traditional craft that has been made in Japan since the 17th century, and has recently become popular in Europe as well.

Water boiled in a Nambu ironware becomes mellow and iron is naturally added to the water. By supplying iron, which is often lacking in women, blood circulation is promoted.

  Infection control

We ask for the cooperation of all visitors to take their temperature and wash their hands.

The treatment bed is wrapped in plastic sheeting to prevent infections, which increases the penetration rate of the oil and keeps it warm.

There is only one customer per day. We are well ventilated, disinfected, and cleaned, so please feel free to visit us.

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